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Covid Vaccination Programme - new update Posted on 23 Mar 2021

We are pleased firstly to advise that since March 4, we have carried out more than 3,500 first dose Covid vaccinations and mor than 1,000 second vaccinations. 
This coming weekend and into next week, we will be carrying out a further 800 first vaccinations and 1,600 second vaccination.
However, we understand there is some confusion from patients as to where they can have vaccinations, so we would like to clarify the situation.

At present all vaccination sites can offer doses to anyone over 50 years old. 

However, the Mass Vaccination sites were asked to concentrate on cohorts 7,8 and 9 ie 50- 65-year-olds, to allow GP practices to concentrate on cohort 6 ie 18-65-year-olds with health conditions.

If you have received a letter from the NHS, you have a choice to book at a mass vaccination site or at your GP practice delivery hub. 
As you may have noted from news broadcasts, we are unable to commence vaccination of those under 49 years old at this moment, but we would advise that this will commence imminently.
Another question we have been asked is regarding vaccinate type.

The two vaccines we administer - Pfizer and Astra Zeneca - are sent to hubs as and when stocks dictate.

For second doses, these are sent at the 11th week post first vaccination, and patients must receive the same vaccine. 

All those awaiting their second dose should rest assured they will be contacted by us when their appointment becomes available.

For first doses, patients will receive the vaccine that has been delivered, which has most recently been Astra Zeneca.

It is not possible to choose and we would advise that at the point of booking we will be unaware of which vaccine will be administered. 
Please also be aware that the exceptional level of demand for vaccine is swamping our telephone lines at present but we are doing our best to answer as many calls as possible. 

As previously advised, we will imminently be replacing the current NHS system we have been using up to this point with a new, upgraded system.

Please look out soon for new telephone numbers for our surgeries when this takes place.

Finally, we would also advise that we will soon be announcing changes to building access as the Government restrictions lift.

Please monitor our website and Facebook page for more announcements as we will post updated messages as soon as further information becomes available.


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