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Weekly Newsletter- November 18 Posted on 18 Nov 2021

Welcome to the latest of our weekly newsletters. We regard it as a priority that all our patients are kept fully informed of all developments at Buckshaw Village Surgery, Croston and Adlington Medical Centres, our sites at Lostock Hall and on matters affecting former Eaves Lane Surgery patients. We hope these regular updates will continue to prove useful. 

Callback Feature - Upgrade

We are fully aware that our phone lines are often extremely busy and that patients often use our callback option at these times.

Up to this point, the facility has worked by calling you back automatically when the system is quieter, at which point you would hear a ring tone as your call will have been placed near the front of the queue.

We are aware that this has caused some confusion as many patients expected to be called back directly by a member of staff. 

We are pleased to advise that the system has now been upgraded whereby if you now choose the callback option, you will be called back when your call is right at the front of the queue.

Our staff member will be aware callback is in operation and will respond as soon as you answer the call.

Should you miss this callback for any reason, a text message will advise you of this and instruct you to call again, and your call will then be prioritised so you do not have a further long wait.

This upgraded facility is due to come into force on at 11am on Wednesday, November 24, and we hope patients will find it beneficial.  


Covid Vaccination Programme Update  
We are continuing to offer Covid booster vaccinations to anyone aged 50 and over along with those living or working in care homes and frontline health and social care workers.  

Those aged 16+ with a range of health conditions will also be eligible for a booster jab. 

If you are immunosuppressed, you will receive a letter from your doctor or hospital consultant advising that you are eligible for a third dose. Please take this letter with you when attending for your third dose. 

However, in all cases your second vaccine dose must have been at least 182 days ago.  

We are continuing to offer first doses and also second doses to anyone aged 17 years, 9 months or over provided it has been at least eight weeks since their first dose.  

Those aged 12-15 are being offered first doses and also second doses if they have certain health conditions or if they live within a household of somebody who is immunosuppressed. 

 All vaccinations are taking place at  Jubilee House, Centurion Way, Leyland PR26 6TR, which is open from 8am to 7.40pm from Wednesday to Saturday, closed for lunch 1-2pm.  

You can attend as a walk-in or make an appointment via the NHS app.  

If you are housebound, please call your surgery to request a home visit.


Annual flu jabs and flu nasal spray  
We have made further inquiries but we are still awaiting news from the NHS with regards to the availability of annual flu jab doses. When supplies arrive, eligible patients will receive a text invitation from us in respect of an appointment. 

In respect of the flu nasal spray doses for children aged three upwards, as soon as any news becomes available, it will be posted on our website and social media. 


Blood Clinics 
A reminder that we are now hosting twice weekly blood test clinics which are open to patients from all our surgeries.

The clinics are being held at Croston Medical Centre on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30am to 10.30am. 

The clinics are by appointment only so please call any of our surgeries to book your blood test. 


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