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Weekly Newsletter - Thursday, September 2 Posted on 2 Sep 2021

Welcome to the latest of our weekly newsletters. We regard it as a priority that all our patients are kept fully informed of all developments at Buckshaw Village Surgery, Croston and Adlington Medical Centres, our sites at Lostock Hall and on matters affecting former Eaves Lane Surgery patients. We hope these regular updates will continue to prove useful.

Covid Vaccination Programme

We are continuing with our vaccination programme with our regular vaccination clinics taking place every week until further notice at our vaccination hub at Jubilee House, Centurion Way, Leyland PR26 6TR.

Opening hours are 8am-8pm from Wednesdays to Saturdays - closed for lunch 1-2pm – latest walk-in arrival 7:40pm.

Anyone aged 16 or over is now welcome to attend, as are patients aged 12 to 15 who have one of a number of pre-existing medical conditions and have received an invitation letter from us. Please could those patients bring the letter with them as proof of eligibility.

There have been reports in the national media in respect of a booster jab programme but details have not yet been finalised.

We will advise immediately via our website and social media channels as soon as any information is to hand.

Face to Face Appointments and Surgery Reopening

All our surgeries are now full open to patients and we are making every effort to increase the number of face to face appointments available.

Face to face appointments can be made by calling us on our usual number, which is 01772 376600 for all surgeries, and our phone system will then redirect you as appropriate.

Patients may also call in to our surgeries in person to make appointments.

Please note face coverings remain compulsory at all our sites and social distancing rules must be maintained at all times while on site.

Phone system

A)    Call-back facility

As you will know, our new phone system is now in full operation and we would like to advise that our call-back facility is now back in use following some technical issues.

We would like to clarify how this system works as there appears to be some confusion among our patients as to its operation.

When our system is busy, it will offer callers the chance to use the call-back system.

Callers then follow instructions to leave their number, and the system will then call you back automatically at a quieter time and place your call at or close to the front of the call queue, and it will then be answered quickly by our reception staff.

Please note the system does NOT allow you to leave your number and be called back directly by a clinician.

B)    Our old phone numbers

Patients are asked to note that the divert system for callers using our old phone numbers is now no longer in operation.

Calls to our old numbers will now therefore not access our system and will hear a recorded message telling them the number is discontinued.

All callers should use our new number, which is 01772 376600 for all surgeries.  


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